Friday, March 31, 2006

Racism and books for children

For those of you that can read Norwegian
You gotta read this post


I have been thinking a lot about the situation of the Catalans here in Barcelona lately. I want to write something about this really soon.

An other story is the situation of
the Basque separatist group ETA, which is very fascinating
ETA has announced a "permanent ceasefire", ending its armed campaign, after long negotiations with the government.

It is very upsetting to see how the world still surpresses, and how people are not allowed their own roots and freedom.
Imagine how Spain was during the dictatorship of Franco.
And there still are a lot of people in Spain supporting Francos ways!!!!

I think in a way some of the situations we find ourselves in
are shocking when counting the year 2006.
We should have a higher level of tolerance and acceptance.
To work on the behalf of the good for all, and not be driven by owning and power.
Respect other customs, kinds and religions, and let them live and be and have their own freedom.
But it seems I am an endless hippie, maybe requiring things that almost seem naive in today's seemingly rotten society.
And also being a blond girl in her 20s I might just be considered a brainless, naive bimbo saying this, but I dont give a damn:

A movement starts with one person! This can be you! Do your best for peace and freedom now!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

(Friday) Add to this post:

Damn, I cannot buy the B(oy)F(riend) anyway, I have been reading a lot of reviews and turns out it doesn't reproduce colors well for graphic design and photo editing.
SUCKS! I liked him so much.
Well, guess that's what happens now and then. You find someone you like soooo much but in the end you have to move on cause he really wasn't what you thought he were in the beginning and not what you were looking for in the long run :P


Is this cute or WHAT?
And It`s freaking good too....
Read the specifications
...but the best part might be the name, hahahaha!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reading for Exams

Calotype, No, heliotype, Argh, Daguerrotipo, what was the Spanish name? Niepce, or was it Niepsce, 1840, Am I dreaming? No, That would be the most boring dream ever....It was ferrotype, no, of course it was Daguerotipo, no, se que estoy escribiendo ahora, I am tired , and My vision is double, I think I feel asleep for a minute and dreamt I was a wolf, oh oh oh oh, well.....back to basics, Niepce invented Heliography (drawings with light), damn, when was it?????

aaaah, it wazzzzzzzzzz

......Soft smells in the woods,
paws in wet grass,
howling to the full moon,
rushing through the forrest,
wind stroking my fur,
so alive!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Get rid of the rubbish!

To all the people out there who are using Internet Exlporer as a web browser...
Switch to Mozilla Firefox today!

1- First of all, it`s a lot safer, as most viruses are made for IE..- Read an ariticle about this

2 -and second of all its a lot better and easier in use!!!
- You can use tabs instead of a new bloody window all the time, as one example.

3- And most important of all: My blog looks like crap in Internet explorer and I am too lazy to fix it, ha, ha!

New blog!

A good and old friend of mine (ever since I was 15) has just joined in with a new blog
This is a girl with a lot of opinions and a quick mind, so I recommend this blog even before it has any posts .....Here is the link


This is something I am very used to hearing from people now
I am not sure why, still haven`t found out yet.
Its kinda funny cause to me of course I am normal, as I spend every day in my own company, I am used to the stuff I do and think...this is how it works for everbody :P
If I thought I was very strange I would sort of have an alienated relation to myself, no?

Even though I liked the idea of being strange and different very much when I a was a teen.

Now I just think people who do this need it to feel "special" and more important than others and that this often bounds in a lack of love and not feeling value or selfasteem.
.....So, now, to me its enough to be me. +big grin+

But I am still wondering why people tell this to me all the time :P sier:
hi daughter of Oedipus
Aasa sier:
Aasa sier:
thanks for the dinner last night sier:
you are welcome
Aasa sier:
:) sier:
it's nice to know that there are weirder persons than me in the world
Aasa sier:
hahahahaha sier:
it kind of comfort me
Aasa sier:
Thank you, I take that as a compliment :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

TFT Screen

Help me People!
Does this (link) look like a good deal?
The reactiontime 8 ms and the contrast 1:700
That seems good, no?
But the rest of the tech stuff I have no clue about :P

I am not 100% satisfied with the design though, but should I really be so picky about that?
I would like a round foot on it, and the color of the metal looks a little too fake for me
But......oh, I am always so picky. I should concentrate on the tech stuff instead, as I need it for my photos.
But this one (link) is so beautiful, ahhhhhh, but not as good as the other one....Argh, I am being silly

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Hey to my Norwegian readers!
I am comming back on easter holiday the 7 to 18 of April
Looking forward to see you, and the "old country"

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Set yourself free by forgiving

  1. Go with the process. Forgiveness is a like a merry-go-round. Hop on at any point and the music will play and you'll get a full ride. Forgiving others, forgiving yourself, and being forgiven by another person are the tree horses on the "forgiveness-go-around." Ride on one and it's easier to ride the others. Extending forgiveness to others helps you to ask for the forgiveness that you need. So jump in the process and it'll get easier the longer you stay with it.
  2. Deal with your anger. It's natural and appropriate to be angry when someone sins against you. But what to do with the anger? Ignore it and I'm not protecting myself. Repress it and I'd get depressed and eventually I could start to become negative, bitter, and isolated. Turn it against myself and I'd feel bad that I was making an issue of it and I'd try to not feel or need anything. Instead, I let your anger point you to your underlying feelings - and express them. "Speak the truth in love"
  3. Feel your hurt. You can't heal what you don't feel! If you've been violated then you've been hurt. Whether loss, rejection, embarrassment, insecurity, or whatever, find someone safe to verbalize your pain and seek comfort from. This is the heart of the forgiveness process.
  4. Set boundaries. Are you susceptible to be wronged again in a similar way by the same person or someone else? Set appropriate limits
  5. Dont seek outer revenge. "The best revenge is to live well."

Friday, March 24, 2006

Diane Arbus

I just went to this photography exhibition of Diane Arbus, and wow its really striking

I have seen a lot of these images before, but yet they tend to reach me every time

Especially the one with the giant and his parents. Its not so easy to see it here ( the resolution and size is crappy), but the expression on their faces and the story its telling, wow.

She also had a lot of interesting writing about her life and her experiences with photography and the people she was taking pictures of.
In the end she committed suicide.

I felt both small and inspired going out of that place

Different forms of art

I took this picture here in Barcelona
(I have only changed the hue a little)I really liked this one. It has a blend of secure - yet naive style to it that I find appealing.
Tags and pieces are not included enough in art. (but its coming)
I sometimes pass tags and see people that have very good drawing skills.
Of course there's a lot of crap too, but now and then a real talent :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I have a new addiction
Auctioning - its such a kick
Ebay is my new frined :P
I have to come up with a title for a photo-project
Or more like an under-title to a project we have been given in school that is called "My Barcelona". (Which I also find a very boring subject) We have only been given this title, the rest we come up with ourselves...
But I hate putting titles on photos, I like them to be open so every person who sees them, so they can put what they like into it
Titles are like feeding you the meaning, its for ignorants!!!

I want to find "situations" or tableaus in Barcelonas environment that stands out in specific ways.
Images captured in colors or lights that are a little unusual.
I want to find the "different" Barcelona, a new way to see the city we walk around in every day.)

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Somebody sent something to my old adress, so here is the new one to prevent that from happenening again:

Aasa Bergem
C / Luca 6 (baixos)

Complaining and a littel childishness

I am bored of people
Maybe I sound like a brat now but I am
If I do something as a surprise to somebody, something weird or corcky, they just resond with "oh, thats nice"
I mean, how dull and grey can you get?
Its like that guy from "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind"


I feel like I freaking go around and entertaining the world and the world is just boooooring back at me!!!!

PS: When are somebody going to surprise me?


Kill your babies

Thursday 23.03:
Add to this post:
Hmmm, I didn't ask why it looked fake. Hey, I have soaked myself in visual "studies" for many many years - ever since I was a kid, not to sound full of myself or something, but I know why it looks fake. I also have versions of it that looks less fake etc....

When I post something here I always( or 90% ) have all my own opinions down already.
My reason to post here is to hear your thought too, because its important and interesting to me.
The technical details I fix myself.
But its very nice of you all wanting to help out though

Now I am posting a photo that is .... a little, hmm, what should I say, well, you get what I mean....I guess...
But I am not especially shy, so I actually don't give a damn
so.....What do you think people?
Do this look to fake and manipulated?

I thought the idea for the picture was so good, I wanted to say something with it.
But now, personally, I think the visual composition looks like crap, in this one.
Kill your babies, isn't that what they say about creative work?
Very difficult to give up an idea you thought was so good and that you visualized clearly in your head
(Damn, I think I have that problem in life in general - I just fall in love with my ideas in dreams all the time :P)
Read this and sign, if you agree
I stole this from Chris
I have just published the photos I chose for my project
If you want to read me Blahblah about how I edited them
visit this:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hey people
Thank you for all the great feedback on my photos!
I will keep on posting more, for sure

PS: I have been so stressed lately that I have started smoking again after being free for 2 years
How stupid is that?
PS2: I am sorry, but I have removed the links to those blogs that are never updated anymore that I used to read when there was something going on there :P

Monday, March 20, 2006


It`s been great to get feedback on my photos
so I am continuing to post some of them
This si two of a friend of mine from Norway

Tell me what you think - anything, good or bad :)

A dilemma again

I can only pick one of these for my project....
Which should I choose?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flight gym

This is very cute
My roomate has very little time these days, she is trying to do 1000 projects at the same time, studying french, italian, and webdesign (dreamweaver) whilst also starting a job at the airport.
She is very cute though, a littel messy like me, and not pretensious at all.
And nowadays whith all the stress, when she comes into the room, she doesnt walk, she bursts into it.
But now she thinks that she also needs some excersise.....

So in this very moment, she is behind me in the livingroom on a huge blue towel doing pushups with a red face and at the same time reading from a paper saying:

"Buenas dias. Bienvenido a vuelo Spaniar y Star Aliance con destino....... Señores pasajeros pasen a embarcar por puerto no.....
Rogamos tengan a mano su DNI Paspaorte listo para inspecion en puerta. Gracias y buen vuelo."

(Welcome to flight Spaniar and Star Aliance with destiny....... we ask all passagers to proceed to gate nr....... for embarking. We kindly request you all to have your identety card and passport ready for inspection at the gate. Thank you and we wish you all a good flight.)

Hahha, so cute
The marsden archive

Emotinal Diary For One Day

This is such a shitty day
I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate this day
Its just full of small silly little crap
Its a badluckShouldStayinBedUnderTheCoverDay!!!
HateItHateItHatieIt! StompStompStopm!!!!

Now this day sucks even more *sighs*
I had a fight with a friend, a class mate
She is such a sweety, but we both are very ill-tempered and strongwilled
Argh, I feel bad and mad and sad
Just wanna hit something really hard!

Now I am good
And all good with the friend as well, we talked it out :)
What an emotional rollercoster I am :P
Still a little aggitated though
Like something is wrong or hmmmmmm something like that :P

I am HYPER beyond words!!!!!
Sooo much energy
I need to run or climb or fly or something
Haaha Jfksehxgjmdhsugmvjxvmykoperkchoidop!!!!!!!!!

Ah, what a nice day
I love the world
Big, calm smile
*Wanna hug somebody*
*Waves at you*

I was going out for fun and my frined cancelled
And at the last minute!!!! Thats really not a nice thing to do!
really not nice
Now I am down......

But lets see if theres some other fun out there

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This was fun!

I'm not telling your actual score. Hmph!
The Magician is free and full of energety. Magicians like to entertain. They like to change things. They seem driven by some invisible force. Things that never change quickly become boring to them, as they live fast-paced lives. They are very creative and able; many successful people are Magicians. Magicians, as the name implies, are often very talented and capable of performing feats that seem impossible. Although they are very artistic, they aren't usually introspective or philosophical. Magicians prefer to live in the minute. Although they really like people and even devote a portion of themselves to the world, they need their space. You can't corner a magician. He'll disappear in a puff of smoke.

The Magician's complement is the kind and generous King.
Take "The Medieval Archetype Test"
(and tell me your score)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Such a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangover!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Is there anybody else out there that has the same thing for climbing as I do?
(trees, rooftops, anything tall really)
I think I might be a little obsessed
Its one of the most calming things I know about
Or just to sit in a high place
The combination of those two are magic!
If there is anybody from Barcelona who reads this and agrees, send me a mail and lets go exploring


Bonce, bounce, bounce!
Congratulations to all the women of the world

Monday, March 06, 2006

Try it out!!!!

1) Go to
2) Write "Failure" in the search box
3) Instead of clicking on "Google Search", click on "I'm feeling lucky"


I am wondering if I have unrealistic ideas of passion and love
How I wanted to burn and feel my entire being shiver from passion.
How I wanted to find deep closness and ideas.
Mental stimulation, shearing, intense fire, all of the elements in one
ALive - so alive
I have never found this...

And I am so tired of shit now
I am tired of stupid guys who cannot communicate
or dont have any imagination and suck in bed, hahahahahah!
Give me a playful weirdo anytime!
Where are the real MEN?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why are people like this?
There is no honour, no justice
They just dont give a shit do they?
All this mal behavour
I am getting sick of the lieing, the little insightfulness
People who just care about themselves and what they get

Where are the good people?
Those who give a damn?
Those who fight for rightness?
Those who treat you like they would like to be treated themselves?

Is honour a dead concept in our days????

God! I hate this
This is not a good place to be
I dont want to live in a world like this
I want to see something pure

Friday, March 03, 2006

I really liked this

..deep wonder and respect about the infinite loneliness,

... Sweet doom of our life,
source of our inner wisdom,
stream of a pale silky water,
whitening our face..
The unavoidable net for all our excaping thoughts..
The loving arms that catch...
when we fall..
As the world that greets us when all the rivers we flow,
unite in shade..
a safe place of colourful and comfortable pain..
..when we can't look straight in the eyes..
of a world that chains our thoughts..
And a simphony of stars and notes..
Our very personal prides.

Even here...
under the safe shield of my ethernal loneliness..
I feel the sweet sparks of your sheltering fire..
And i'm safe...
.. from ludicrous minds..
...from a poisoning mark..
...just like a stone in a desert...
...a wave on the rocks...
...a jewel in the mire...


Thursday, March 02, 2006


NOW Aasa lives in a new place in a new part of town