Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter

Harry Potter was just published in Norway
I have been a huuuge fan
from the early start,
even before it came here

I made this theory reading "The Half blood prince" that either Sirius or Dumbledor will come back! One or both of them will come back somehow in some way and help, I am sure!

And Snape is good, and the "murder" of Dumbledore was plotted by Snape and Dumbledore himself....I am sooo sure about it.......but we will see, I am only at page 200 now :P
I have complicated, twisted evidence found in the other books!
I am going to read like a little maniac now to see if I am right!

29.07.07: Update:
Okay, now I am done with the book and I have serious HP abstinence. I think I am suffering from post-Harry Potter depression and I need a fix right away!!! But I liked the ending!! :)
Those who have not read it yet - DON'T read the comments!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi everybody
For some reason I cannot read my mail these days, gmail seems to be down
Anyway, I dont have access to internet often, as I am visiting my family in the north of Norway
Just wanted to say to everybody I know, that I am having a great time and that I miss you all and hope you are well
Many kisses
~ Aasa