Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Have you ever thought about the reason why sex is so good? I mean, just technically why? (The other reasons I leave to you ,-) No, think about it. When an area is stumulated the blood rushes to those parts of your body. It fills up, it is almost "collected" and centered there. Then, in the orgasm, it is realeased in a rush. All that blood that was there floods out again in an instant. And that is why first, the area where the blood was felt so good, and after, why the body feel so good, when the blood rushes back there, giving it rest and pleasure.
It is so many simple little things about blood. Just think about when your arm falls asleep, and you cannot move it, it feels like dead - the blood is gone from it. Then when the blood returns you can again move it. You were alive, your arm was alive, but without the blood there was no life.
No wonder many cultures have celebrated blood and worshiped it as the thing itself that contains life, that the soul lives in and so on. Or how religious costums, where blood must be drained from an animal before it is eaten by man. (Because allegedly then the soul of the animal is gone. Then it is pure enough to eat.)
Was just something I thought about. How these things amaze me, because life amazes me. I wonder about the soul. What is the soul?
I used to be a person who belived in a life after death. I more or less dont anymore. I picture some energy will move on. Maybe my dust will be a flower or some grass, I dont know. Is that all, I dont know either. But I guess I have gotten used to the thought that to me, it might very well be like sleeping. Now, dont get me wrong. I like sleeping. But forever? Would be nice to wake up now and then.
So, that is why I am thinking about all these things. Cause maybe they have a link and maybe they dont. But one thing is for sure. Blood creates life and lets it live. When do you ever feel more alive than wen the blood rushes through you?
It is something to think about at least
- ├ůsa