Monday, June 29, 2009

The Political Compass Test
I think this test is quite good.
I have posted it before here in my blog, so this is for new readers.
I also re-took the test to see if I had changed in some views, but it looked pretty much the same.

My score:
Now you can all be scared of me, O frightening lefty as I am, he he!
I see that I am on Ghandi, Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandelas "team".
Must say I am proud to be, just one reason being that Ghandi is really my hero!
xxx Aasa

Here is a "map" of some politically active people, to make it easier to compare your scores:Take "The Political Compass Test"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

En liten vise

av Inger Hagerup

Så er min hånd blitt tom.
Den holdt bestandig nesten om
de ting jeg ville verne.
Jeg våget aldri gripe til.
Når er det vel en sikkert vil
det som en vil så gjerne?

Igjen, igjen et nederlag
Se, våren er så grønn i dag,
og så skal jeg gå fra deg?
Men jeg vil huske fra jeg gikk
det mørke blaffet i ditt blikk
og det du ikke sa meg.

Igjen en vår med blomst og trær
kastanjens tyste stjernehær
og bøkens røde flamme,
og hjertet mitt som slår og slår,
fordi det ikke helt forstår-
nei det kan bli det samme.

Mitt dumme hjerte tøver sånn.
Se her- du får min tomme
Så altfor, altfor lite.
Men hvem som kom, og hvem
som gikk.
og hvem som tok og hvem
som fikk,
det får vi aldri vite

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A few words to our time

I hate....
-the ugliness of our time
-fashion and brainwashing for the masses
-popular music with texts just as creative as a radiator-manual
-the ground filled with asphalt not made for bare feet to walk on.
-TV - that makes our minds stupid - that helps us not think for ourselves. That tells us how to behave, what to wear and which opinions to have. How it has made us passive and taken away our storytelling.
-popular magazines - telling us we are not good enough and how we should look and be
-our relationship to animals, that they are bought and sold as things.
-the money rule society with effectiveness and time-saving solutions
-how we are made to passive slaves of capitalism, without even knowing it. How we all run around the treadmill to make the wheel of money go around
-the false needs our society creates, and our unability to see through it
-the cold ugly buildings made of steel and glass
-that nature is trimmed and controlled and far away from our daily lives
-how controlled we are, and how we are registered and supervised in every little shitty thing
-our lack of freedom, our self-chosen prisons and our tendency to think as a group
-the way this society has turned out


I love....
-the beauty on those things that feels real
-things made with care, originality and personality
-creative music that either boils your blood with its rhythm or holds something meaningful
-grass between my toes
-telling stories, singing and sharing with other people
-people who dare to be themselves, even though they are not "how society tells us to be"
-it when people have respect for life and treat animals accordingly
-it when people don´t think about time, when they give and receive naturally and create something without thought of personal gain
-it when people think individualisticly and dare to question things
-feelings and needs that are spoken with an honest voice
-homes with personality, that are made with care
-nature that is allowed to grow wild and free
-it when people have genuine freedom and responsibility inside themselves. And when they care enough to fight for something they believe in
-to think about those who care for more than just themselves. And that tries, no matter how small the deed, to make a difference in a good way.