Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new...
state of mind
Happy new promises
Happy new hopes
Happy new starts
Happy new dreams
May you keep them all until next new years eve
and then relive them once again
So your days will be filled with hopes
and you´ll never stop dreaming

~ Aasa

Friday, December 29, 2006

What are we searching for?
Do we want what we search or do we just want the seach?


I ran through the forest, felt the soft and cold touch of the winter night.
In my mind the old symbols whispered through me, and came out as figures in the dark.
An animal cried out so softly from a hill, the spirits of the forest whispered in my mind.
I left the path and got lost behind the trees. Without a road, I was walking, between the smell of wet leaves. In the shimmering dew from an old oak tree I sat down.
I could feel the old symbols coming to me, touching who I was, deeply. I could see her white feet, glimmering in the dark night, like moonlight. She bore red berries in her hair, and leaves she carried as a bouquet, as if it was her wedding day. I could feel his presence behind a rock, he was standing there, watching me, silently. This is the night when you can return. This is the night you can remember. Don't forget. This is the night you can live the life of your fantasies. They made love in the wet grass. A unity of the powers from within. The meltdown of the opposites, creating a balance. The world is what you see. In your eyes you create your own life. Which life do you choose it to be?

Run out in the night
~ Aasa

I got this from somebody today:
I could ask thousands of questions, but I will start with 1!
In your opinion: Does humanity need a god/ess?
and it inspired me to make this post.

These are just a few of my thoughts about this. Take it or leave it as you want, it is just an opinion among 10000. I think, that many people need religion as a subject of comfort or worship. To me, this is a false need, created out of dependency. We all have some dependant behaviour in one way or an other, it is normal human behavior. If we understand that we can stand alone and have the strength to do so, these needs disappear. But this is a long journey. Also, our times seem to idealize "the couple" and finding "true love", it has become an ideal for our lives. I think this is a very damaging way of thinking. It undermines our own strenghts and abilities to grow on our own. No, I don't think humanity needs a god/ess, but on the other hand, we do need what a god/ess symbolizes. But this we can get through other channels We need symbolism, dreams and fantasy. We need physical expression of passages in life, we need rites and celebrations and manifestations of our journeys as humans. We need symbolism because it is the language of our deeper beings. Because our subconscious minds speaks in these ways to us. I think the mind speaks in symbols and riddles, in the language of the dreams. Words are a way to communicate, but something is lost in them. This we can find in the language which dreams are made of. We need rites and expressions of our mythical minds. We also need these things to not let our souls wither. These things give us life, it wakens us up, it makes us remember to live and burst out of the dangerous death called "habit" This is something that has been quite forgotten in our time. The thing is, we get our stories, symbols, and fantasy now. We get them every day, and as much as we want them. The problem is, we are getting them passively, through TV. This is the new channel to our minds. In our times we do not have to participate in the creation of something that has nurtured the minds of humans for thousands of years We just receive it. There is no creativity made on our own behalf in such a proses. We are just watchers, not creators.
In Norwegian; lidenskap
Originating from the word ; lide - to suffer

I fall in passion instantly.
It rarely happens, but when it happens its hard and strong and it grips me with its hands tightly. The vivid vision of your skin floats in my mind. I cannot sleep tonight. I cannot sleep.. What is it that drives my passion? This senseless need for your touch?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

In love......

.....okay, I only have five min online, but I just wanted to tell about this.
I have found a new love and I am lost in admiration. "He" is a pinholecamera.
Its like a merge of fine arts and photography.
It is strange cause I have never felt totally satisfied doing the fine arts and neither phototgraphy, but in the meeting between them both I think I am going to find a home.
What a discovery, and I feel stupid not finding something that has been right under my nose all this time, before now.
I saw some works by a teacher I have in my scool and it really hit me. It was so passinate, sensual, emotinal, beautiful, really striking, and it really inspired me to dig more into this field.
The only annoying thing is that I am totally new to this. I have no experience what so ever in it. It excites and annoys at the same time. I want to leap into it with my entire self, but I dont know where to grab a hold. So I guess I will just have to try and be patient (something that has never been a great strength of mine).
I want to do it all NOW! I was even dreaming about it this night, ha ha.
I really hope this is not just an other infatuation of mine that will pass quickly. Maybe this is a track I can follow for many years to come.

Miss you all
Tomorrow I am off to see a musical, I am so happy, it is one of my faves, they even celebrate my zodiac sign, muhahah!
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

Oh, but what was I just told? It might be translated into Norwegain
The horror! The horror!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thru The Darkness Of Future Past The Magician Longs To See
One Chants Out Between Two Worlds:
Fire, Walk With Me

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I am back in the ye´old homecountry.
Nice to see some snow again and to really freeze. (It´s not a real winter before the cold makes your face hurt.) I already miss Barcelona and my friends there though. Surprisingly, that's a new feeling for me, to feel a touch of belonging for a place, hmmmm, strange.
But it´s good to be back in Norway. It is like returning to the womb after being, soft, warm (at least emotionally, if not physically) and comforting.

Wish you all a merry Xmas and thank you for your sweet comments.
~ Aasa

Monday, December 18, 2006


Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is the Zebra, Zee-brah-duur speaking to you, normally known as Plonk (only to friends)
I will steal a post in Aasa's blog for important information, that most likely will shock you, but more importantly will save thousands of lives.
Here in Norway, where I am also lodging at this very moment (I must be out of my wits, cause I track along with this Norwegian blond girl) there is a quite striking phenomenon happening at this very moment - a crystallisation of an uncertain white mass, covering all the trees and even the mailboxes. Through thorough observation and scientific notes I have drawn the conclusion that it is an abnormal sort of fungi. This fungi seem to behave in patterns not familiar to the living creatures of earth. I am therefore convinced it is an alien life-form.
It seems to grow with an enormous speed, sucking the life out of its prey. Trees, bushes, everything seems to die under its white deadly cover. I can only assume that we are next. (With "we", I of course mean the zebras) It is certainly a frightful situation.
This morning this white mass had started to attack the window in the room where I sleep. It is obviously not brainless or slow as one might think at first. It clearly has an IQ above average and extremely high combat skills. Why it is persecuting me, is beyond my understanding so far, I do not think I can have insulted it in any way. But now, who knows where I will be forced to hide in the end?

I will get back to you when I know more, if it is not too late.
Meanwhile, I will cover my room in purple, pink, blue and red fake paper flowers and pretend I am running around in the grassy fields at home

Best wishes to all of you, may we conqueror the white and slow death from outer space
Zee-brah-duur - the one and only

Monday, December 11, 2006

My blog.... not dead.
I am sorry, it has been ages since I blogged now.
Thing is, I dont have internet at home at the moment.
When I get it, I will return
Best wishes to all of you
I miss blogging and reading your comments