Monday, December 22, 2008

New address from 27.12.08

Åsa Bergem
Sverdrupsgate 9 A
0559 Oslo

(That is NO hint at all from me of course
about X-mas gifts or other forms of bribery. ha, ha ;-)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

List nr 13: Things I loved as a kid

After having worked with children a lot, you start to think about some things
Like the development of personality
The funny thing is that you see their differences and personalities sooo early. Its truly fascinating
And I see that the things I loved to do as a kid, reflects who I am still today.
I was talking to my sweet grandmother here the other day and she told me stories from when I was a kid. She said that these were a few of the things I loved to do:

1.Go up to a big mudpond close to the house and jump all around in it (especially those time they put on my shiny, white, newly washed overall)

2.Sing, sing and sing. After she had put me to bed and gone downstairs I would always get up and hold on to my bed while singing to myself until I collapsed in my bed and fell asleep

3.Invent stories. And it seems I was very good at it as well. I have a friend of mine who still believes that I had tree blue cats. She claims that she even saw them (this is what makes me believe I was a real badass at telling the stories, haha), but that they were blown away by the wind, she claims, and that's how I lost them.

4.Dares. I could for some reason never say no to a dare. I ate dangerous stuff just because somebody said that I wouldn't do it. And got in trouble with the kindergarten, doing stuff people told me I wouldn't dare to do. Ha ha! Nobody tells me that I cannot do something!!!!

5.Doing stuff that seemed risky. Me and my best friend had a favorite hobby: Climbing roofs and jumping from the next roof to the other.
To get to the first "Starters roof" at my house, we had tree options.
-Either to climb a pretty easy and safe way (which we never chose, as it was boring)

-Or go through the neighbor's gardens (where there lived a woman who always used to scream at us, if she saw us) which I did now and then, cause it was a little fun,

-Or climb a plank we called "the rotten one" (which looked like it would collapse any day soon and which also was very hard to climb and which we were advised never to climb again after a neighbor saw us doing it), Of course I chose this one I most of the time, haha!

6.Draw. I have been drawing like my life depended on it ever since I was a tiny little bugger. My mother had to buy new sheets og paper all the time cause I was drawing so quickly.

I used to draw my own comics that often had either a comment on political, romantic or religious issues (yes, we were quite occupied with politics even though we didnt get much of it), I find them quite satirical and funny when I read them now. (Looking at this drawing - what do you think he is saying?)

Then in 7 grade there was this girl that drew very slowly and precise. This influenced me a lot, since I thought it was so pretty, and I had a looong period where I made the most awfully boring drawings. I later found back to my more "rough, and quick" style, which I still prefer.

7:Climb. All kinds of stuff. Trees, buildings, roofs. (See point 5)
The tree on the picture is one of my fav trees in the world. (I think I am secretly in love with him.) He is a grand old oak - they are my favourite, because they are so gnarly, twisted, powerful and nice.

8.Talk and laugh. I seemed to be an extremely outgoing kid. And also almost happy all the time. My teacher called me our class butterfly, twirling from person to person laughing and talking and smiling.
I had an extreme downperiode from 13 to 19, being very introverted and shy. (Mostly because of some really bad experiences) But now I feel I am back to my true nature.

9.Explore. Every little mudpond was a little adventure full of magical worlds. I still think they are and I never get tired of exploring :)

10:Cuddle and hugs. Will never get tired of that. I have never met anybody yet that has "outcuddled me". I can cuddle for days straight. Ha ha!