Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am....

Back from Rome
I am way tired to blog anything right now
Will sleep and then come with photos and whacky stories

............................... Rome!
I will tell more soonish

Friday, November 17, 2006


I would live in a big castle on a cliff up in the mountains
it would be a medieval castle and I would have lots off dresses from that time
I would also have some armor and knight equipment
and I would have a horse or two
and an owl that lived in the mountains but visited me every day
and I would have a knight by my side
and my knight would woo me and kiss my hand
and then we would fence each other a little with longswards
and both would win about half of the time
and we would both be very bad loosers and tickle each other
just for the hell of it

but I would not just live in the the castle
now and then I would live in a treehouse in the forrest
and it would be a brook just next to my treehouse
and I would only live from food that grew in the forest
and every morning I would collect herbs in a little basket
and while doing that I would talk to the animals
and my man would live nearby
and he would be "dressed" as a faun
and visit me in the middle of the night climbing up my tree
and do a romantic fireshow for me
and I would give him hourlong massages in a meadow
and we would lie there all day until the stars came out
and fall asleep in eachothers arms

and we would both love to dress up in weird costumes and play roles
we could be Bonnie and Clyde
Or hippies at Woodstock
Or warlock and witch
and he would not be afraid to go out in the streets with me wearing it
so we could make fools of ourselves
just for the laugh of it

and in the forrest I would have a school for everybody who wanted to come
kids and adults
and it would be a place where everybody teached everybody something they knew well
(cause everybody has a gift of something)
and we would take turns to show eacother these things

and up in the castle I would have a huge fruitgarden
full of strange exciting things
were a lot of kids came every day and played and had fun
and often I would join them
being a kid myself

and I would have magical powers
to make people feel good
and this would make them do good deeds to eachother
and I might just make the world a little better in a small scale
but still I would be a person who made it better, not worse

imagine, you can be 3 kinda of people
the one who makes the world better
the one who doesn't make a difference
and the one who makes it worse

I prefer to try my best and be the first kind

and I would not be happy all the time
cause I woudl have bad times and sad times too
but this would be the reason why
I would be happy as fuck

~ the end

Friday, November 10, 2006

Comming soon....(Click to enlarge)


Giving you a little preview on my current work soon to come online
The page you see is from the section of my drawings...

~ Aasa


Monday, November 06, 2006


Spain is hard for us emotional people
I sit and wait for appointments, like to get a telephone installed - and nobody arrives, I wait for the 5th time, nobody comes. You have to get used to not take people seriously, which is hard. Its a lack of respect that I cant quite deal with.
I arrange for people to come and see my flat and 50% of them show up.
Maybe A very few of the rest send you a message saying they are sorry they didn't come, but the rest you never hear from, they just don't give a damn about it.
As I said, its a lack of respect. I guess it is like this all over the world, I have just been in more situations here where it happened.
People take the easy way out, they cheat on their taxes, they lie to loved ones, they don't get up for the old lady on the bus, they don't come on time or they don't come at all, in general, what they want and need is what matters and not other people.
And I really take it hard, I get pissed of and walk around in the streets cursing to myself so people think I am a loony
Well, well, what can I do? If I am more than 4 min late to something I send them a message and apologize and tell them I will soon be there.
I guess my way is a remains of thinking that used to be common in the 1800 century, ha ha!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

B. Russell

Now, I am not sure if I am one of the wiser people, but full of doubts, that I am, ha ah ah! I question everything, nearly too much
~ Åsa


I just really liked this post by Silje, I identified a lot with it

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Update 03.11:
She changed her mind - she found something else she could get right away, and she preferred that to wait until the 15.11 for mine and loose money on hotels. I can understand that, though it was kinda hgzjsmchgumhbshmbshfbn!
Whoa! Stress in my head.
So I gave it to him. I think it will be fun, I like living with guys
And he has an aquarium, haha, I think that is kinda cool, cause then I dont have to feel guilty for the fishes sake, and I can have pretty fish in my flat.

I gave it to her


I found the two perfect flatmates
Only thing is
They both want the same room
Who to pick?
The sweet Brazilian / American psychologist girl
or the funny Spanish drawing student?
Aasa bad at choosing