Sunday, February 09, 2014

Lost comments

UPDATE: I am trying out the instructions here:
but I cannot seem to do it. Basically because the instructions are not updated to the programs.
Anybody with a clue that possibly could help me?

I am a bit sad. I swapped comment service for my blog, and all the comments that has ever been made in this blog is now deleted forever. New comments from now on will stay, but the old ones are still gone. Maybe I can retrieve them, but I don't know how.
I think the file that contain all the comments is an XML file. The blog service that I used before was called Echo: (Link to Echo)
If anybody has a clue, I would be extremely grateful for help or suggestions.
Sad me
- Åsa

Update: I have the comments in an XML file:
but I don't know how to export them to Blogger. If anybody knows I am happy about any kind of help :-)


  1. woey, that feels bad indeed... How did that happen ? Did you get in touch with customer service ? Do you have some unreadable file with all the content ?
    I am a bit running here and there these days (months ?), but tell me more, it's not impossible I can help. I'll try to stay connected, so I can answer quickly.

    Apart from that, howdoesygo ?
    warm hugs !

  2. yeah, I am talking with them now. Might be a way to export the comments and regain them. Yeah, I felt bad about it. It was kinda like a diary to me, showing me everything I have been through, and the comments and conversations I had in them were part of that. And so many people came with a lot of good contributions and points. So I hope it is fixable :-)

  3. Actually... Look, the data is still there: I can find back comments from 2007. It's just about them giving it to you or you exporting it correctly.
    (and I have some more...)

    Do you still have access to you Admin panel ? Here is where you should get in, right ?:

    Now what they say about exporting (last comment): "Is there a way to export my comments?" in

    The rest is about putting it in a nice readable format, in which I would possibly be able to give some expertise.

    Really hope these findings will help !

    Un abrazo,

  4. Ah, no, those are comments that survived when I didn't use Haloscan or Echo as comment provider. That is the only reason why they are there, and it was only for a short time I did it. But I am positive about fixing the problem :-) Thank you for your involvement in it :-))))

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  6. Havent fixed it yet, but found instructions on how to. I actually think it is kinda fun doing things like this, but I am struggling quite a bit...not sure what to do now.
    I am stuck on the wordpress part, cause I cannot register it in the program as it comes up so many more options than what he sums up, and I dont know what to fill into the tabs :-( This sucks...

  7. If you want, I am a programmer. Just mail me the .xml file with your OLD comments, and go to the settings section of your current blogger account and click the "export blog" option. Send me that file too. I will write a quick python script to merge the two using google's API and mail you back a .xml you can upload that should have all the comments in place. You can contact me at

    Seemingly others are having this problem, so if anyone else wants the program I will post it on my new blog that I created to figure out where the "export" button is. =)


  8. Wow, that is great - thank you so much. Mailing it to you right now
    yeah, many have had that problem it seems. It looks like Blogger havent come with a solution either....that is very nice of you .-)

  9. Norway!


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  11. Heh, yeah, I have seen it :-) Kinda true ;-)

  12. You make a very good job.
    dont stopp;) do it and do it again ;)

    1. Thank you ;-) Jeg er glad du liker bloggen :-D